Books throw the reader into a new world. A fantastical world, a world strikingly similar to our own, or reminiscent of our childhood. A world depicting the future or the past. A world that may affect our own. Here we explore the alternate worlds of stories- a parallel universe.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Secret of the Standing Stones

Jamie Fraser is a stubborn, red-maned Scotsman from the Highlands of the 18th century.  Claire Randall just completed duty as an army nurse during World War II.  Their worlds collide when Claire is hurtled back through time by an ancient circle of standing stones.  So the story begins.

A marvelous blend of historical fiction and fantasy, Diana Gabaldon’s tale transports the reader 200 years back in time.  Lost and confused, returning to the stones quickly becomes impossible for Claire, as a rapid series of events sweeps her into the heart of the highlands and captures her in the midst of a simmering conflict between the highland clans and England.  Once Claire pieces together when she is, she realizes that tensions won’t be simmering much longer- according to the history books the Scottish clans are on the brink of destruction by the English. 

Can the past be changed?  Is saving the Scottish clans the reason the stones sent her into the past?
Everything Jamie knows and loves is in danger, only he doesn’t know it yet.  What he does know is that Claire seems to have a knack for trouble, and he has a knack for rescuing her.  They discover a passionate love, a love that turns Claire’s world even further inside out.  Where does she belong?  With Jamie and approaching battle?  Or should she keep trying to get back to the 1900’s? 

Claire and Jamie’s story spans time and space.  An infinite love must surmount unimaginable danger as the reader is provided a history of the Scottish highlands in the wrenching Outlander series.  While the reader’s mind becomes familiar with Scottish accents and laughs at Scottish humor, the heart fills with a fear of what is to come.  On the edge of your seat through the entire adventure, it is nearly impossible to completely tear your mind away from the action to continue with everyday life.  Always in the corner of your mind is that anxiety for the characters’ futures, admiration for the strength of the love they share and fight to keep, sorrow for the world they stand to lose. 

Can you imagine knowing what the future holds, and not knowing if anything you do will be enough to change it?  Can you imagine a love so strong that you would give up 20th century life to live in a world full of uncertainty and fear? 

These books are incredible- prepare for an emotional ride.


  1. You have such a knack for description! I really want to read these books now, after how vividly you've painted them and their characters. If only I could put down a few of my anthropology texts...

  2. Where do you find all these books? You have a very vast and extensive selection but all that you described are quite compelling in their own, unique ways.

  3. You made this book sound so interesting and now I really want to read it!

  4. I really want to read these books now. The way you describe them makes it sound so interesting, and it makes me want to try to find time in my busy college life of textbooks and read these.

  5. Giselle- every time my birthday or Christmas comes around I can be found on-line searching for books to put on my list. I love Amazon's search engine because it knows what I've bought in the past and thus can give me great suggestions. Also, the rest of my family are avid readers, so we share books all the time. Kate- I understand the textbook conundrum, I have the same problem, except its usually that I can't put down my "fun" book in exchange for the text...

  6. You really know how to bring a book to life through your passion blog. This book seems like a great read!